14.19. Checkerboard (legacy)

14.19.1. Overview

图 17.350. Example for the Checkerboard (legacy) filter

Example for the Checkerboard (legacy) filter

Filter Checkerboard (legacy) applied

Example for the Checkerboard (legacy) filter

Psychobilly Checkerboard (legacy)

This filter creates a checkerboard pattern replacing the current layer content. Colors used for pattern are current Fore- and Back ground colors of toolbox.

14.19.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersRenderPatternCheckerboard (legacy)….

14.19.3. Options

图 17.351. Checkerboard (legacy) filter options

“Checkerboard (legacy)” filter options


With this option, you can set checkerboard square size, in pixels, or in your chosen unit by using the drop-down list.


This option gives an eiderdown look to the Checkerboard.