12.6. Old Photo

12.6.1. Overview

Figure 17.257. Example for the Old Photo filter

Example for the “Old Photo” filter

Original image

Example for the “Old Photo” filter

Old Photo applied

This filter makes an image look like an old photo: blurred, with a jagged border, toned with a brown shade, and marked with spots.

12.6.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the main menu under FiltersDecorOld Photo….

12.6.3. Options

Figure 17.258. Old Photo options

“Old Photo” options


If checked, a Gaussian blur will be applied to the image, making it less clear.

Figure 17.259. Example for the Defocus option

Example for the “Defocus” option

Defocus enabled

Example for the “Defocus” option

Defocus disabled

Border size

When you choose a border size > 0, the Fuzzy Border filter will be applied to the image, adding a white, jagged border.


If checked, the filter reproduces the effect of aging in old, traditional black-and-white photographs, toned with sepia (shades of brown).[12] To achieve this effect, the filter desaturates the image, reduces brightness and contrast, and modifies the color balance.[13]


When you check this option, the image will be marked with spots.

Figure 17.260. Example for the Mottle option

Example for the “Mottle” option

A plain white image mottled (without Defocus or Sepia)

Work on copy

If checked, the filter creates a new window containing a copy of the image with the filter applied. The original image remains unchanged.

[12] See Wikipedia [WKPD-SEPIA].