6.16. Rotazione

You can rotate the image using the rotation commands on the Transform submenu of the Image menu. These commands work on the whole image.

Rotating by 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise can be used to change between Portrait and Landscape orientation. Rotating by 180° can be used to turn the image upside down. These three common angles are available as commands in the submenu.

Use arbitrary rotation to rotate the image at any angle. This command behaves like the Rotate Tool.

[Nota] Nota

To instead rotate a selection or a layer, use the Rotate Tool. You can also rotate a layer by using the Layer Transform menu.

6.16.1. Activating the Commands

You can access these three commands from the main menu through

  • ImmagineTrasformaRuota di 90° in senso orario,

  • ImmagineTrasformaRuota di 90° in senso antiorario e

  • ImmagineTrasformaRuota di 180°.

  • ImageTransformArbitrary Rotation….