7.44. Intersect Alpha with Selection

The Intersect Alpha with Selection command creates a selection from the combined alpha channels of all selected layers, which is intersected with the already existing selection. Only common parts of both selections are kept.

Opaque areas are fully selected, transparent areas are unselected, and translucent areas are partially selected. The alpha channels of the selected layers are not changed.

7.44.1. Attivazione del comando

You can access this command

  • From the main menu through LayerTransparencyIntersect Alpha with Selection,

7.44.2. Esempio

Figura 16.108. Applying «Intersect Alpha with Selection»

Applying «Intersect Alpha with Selection»
Applying «Intersect Alpha with Selection»

I pixel non trasparenti del livello attivo sono stati intersecati con la preesistente selezione rettangolare.