7. Il menu «Livello»

7.1. Introduzione al menu «Livello»

Figura 16.89. I contenuti del menu «Livello»

I contenuti del menu «Livello»

The commands in the Layer menu allow you to work with layers.

In addition to accessing the Layer menu from the main menu and by right-clicking on the image window, you can work on layers by opening the Layer dialog and, for example, change layer transparency and visibility, create new layers and layer groups, add a layer mask, merge or duplicate layers. This dialog also has a right-click context menu with mostly the same commands as shown in the main Layer menu.

[Nota] Nota

Besides the commands described here, you may also find other entries in the menu. They are not part of GIMP itself, but have been added by third-party plug-ins. You can find information about the functionality of a plug-in by referring to its documentation.