6.15. Sistema di aiuto

Figura 15.98. Preferenze del sistema di aiuto

Preferenze del sistema di aiuto

This page lets you customize the behavior of the GIMP help system.

6.15.1. Opzioni


Show help buttons

This option controls whether the help buttons are shown on every dialog. These buttons can be used to invoke the help system.

Even if the help button is not visible, you can still access help from anywhere in GIMP by pressing F1.

Manuale utente

This drop-down list lets you select between Use a locally installed copy and Use the online version.

If one or more manuals are installed locally on your system, then a second drop-down list will be visible where you can select which manual you want to use.

[Nota] Nota

The GIMP User Manual needs to be installed separately. You can download the manuals and view the online help at docs.gimp.org.

If your internet connection allows it, it is recommended to use the online help since it usually is more up-to-date. The online help is updated once a day, while the offline manual only gets updated once in a while.

Action Search

Dimensione massima cronologia

Il valore predefinito è 100 (0-1000) elementi nella cronologia.

Clear Action History

This will remove all previous help searches from the history list.