6.17. Window Management

그림 15.101. 창 관리 설정

창 관리 설정

This page lets you customize the way windows are handled in GIMP. You should note that GIMP does not manipulate windows directly, instead it sends requests to the window manager (i.e., to Windows if you are running in Windows; to Mutter if you are running in a standard GNOME setup in Linux; etc). Because there are many window managers, and not all of them are well behaved, it cannot be guaranteed that the functions described here will actually work as described. However, if you are using a modern, standards-compliant window manager, they ought to.

6.17.1. Options

창 관리자 설정

창 유형별 도구상자와 독(dock) 설정

The choices you make here determine how the Toolbox, and the docks that hold dialogs, will be treated. You have three possibilities for them:

  • If you choose Normal Window, they will be treated like any other windows.

  • If you choose Utility Window, the reduce button in the title bar is absent and the docks will remain permanently on your screen.

    그림 15.102. Utility window title bar

    Utility window title bar

    Normal title bar

    Utility window title bar

    The title bar in a utility window

  • If you choose Keep above, they will be kept in front of every other window at all times.

Note that changes you make here will not take effect until the next time you start GIMP.


Activate the focused image

Normally, when you focus an image window (usually indicated by a change in the color of the frame), it becomes the active image for GIMP, and therefore the target for any image-related actions you perform. Some people, though, prefer to set up their window managers such that any window entered by the pointer is automatically focused. If you do this, you may find that it is inconvenient for focused images to automatically become active, and may be happier if you uncheck this option.

창 위치

마칠 때 창 위치 저장하기

이 옵션을 체크하면 김프 창의 위치가 저장되어 김프를 재시작해도 동일한 위치로 열립니다.

창 위치를 지금 저장하기

This button is only useful if Save window positions on exit is unchecked. It allows you to set up your windows they way you like, click the button, and then have them come up in that arrangement each time you start GIMP.

저장된 창 위치를 기본값으로 초기화

저장한 창의 위치가 마음에 들지 않을 경우 재조정하지 않고 이 버튼을 눌러 초기 위치로 되돌릴 수 있습니다.