Priedas B. How to Contribute


1. Prerequisites
1.1. Join Discourse
1.2. Create a Local Working Copy of Code
1.3. Installing your sandbox
1.4. The gimp-help folder
2. Workflow
2.1. Writing
2.2. Validating
2.3. Images
2.4. Create HTML Files
2.5. Sending your files
3. Annexes
4. Working under Windows

Welcome to the GIMP-Help team!

This tutorial is intended for writing documentation. If you want to translate the documentation or the user interface, please go to "" where "xx" is your language code: ISO 639-1 language codes can be found at

1. Prerequisites

1.1. Join Discourse

You can join Gnome's Discourse server and subscribe to the gimp and documentation tags. Please, feel free to ask questions. If you do, remember to set the relevant tags, or we may not see the message.

1.2. Create a Local Working Copy of Code

The GIMP help Manual is lodged in a central repository at Creating a local copy of this repository to work on makes sure that everyone can work on his own without fuzzing around into works of other contributors.

As a newbie, you will access the git repository anonymously (without an account). Open a terminal and type: git clone .

If you have a GNOME account, the command is: git clone .

This will create a gimp-help folder in your current directory. Be patient! That's a big download: about 700 MB.

1.3. Installing your sandbox

After downloading your local copy, run: cd gimp-help then ./ --without-gimp ALL_LINGUAS="en xx".

When running ./, you can notice some not found packages, for example checking for dblatex... no. Most of them are related to PDF files and you have to install them before running ./ again if you want to create PDF files.

1.4. The gimp-help folder

The GIMP User Manual is maintained in the xml files of the src folder. You will use these xml files to work on.