6.13. Įrankinė

Pav. 15.95. Įrankinės nustatymai

Įrankinės nustatymai

6.13.1. Parinktys

Pav. 15.96. Numatytoji įrankinės išvaizda

Numatytoji įrankinės išvaizda

This page lets you customize the appearance of the Toolbox, by deciding whether the three context information areas should be shown at the bottom.


Show GIMP logo (drag-and-drop target)

You can click-drag-and-drop an image from a file browser into this area to open it.

Show foreground and background color

Controls whether the color area on the left (2) appears in the Toolbox.

Rodyti aktyvų teptuką, raštą ir gradientą

Controls whether the area in the center (3), with the brush, pattern, and gradient icons, appears in the Toolbox.

Show active image

Controls whether a preview of the currently active image appears on the right (4).

Use tool groups

Since GIMP-2.10.18, tools can be grouped in the toolbox (see Skyrius 1.2, „Tool Icons“).

Tools configuration

In this list, tools with an eye are present in the Toolbox. Tools that have no eye can be added to the Toolbox by clicking the corresponding checkbox.

Since GIMP-2.10.18, tools are grouped. You can:

  • Move groups by using drag-and-drop or the arrow buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Create a new group by using the Create a new tool group at the bottom of the dialog. This tool group is created empty.

Changes take effect immediately.