6.8. Color Management

[Nota] Nota

For color display related view settings, see Seção 5.12, “Gerenciamento de cores”.

For GIMP's general Color Management preferences, see Seção 6.4, “Color Management”.

The Color Management submenu contains commands which let you change the ICC color profile associated with an image, save the associated ICC color profile to disk, set soft-proofing profile and options, and enable or disable black point compensation. The following commands are available in the Color Management submenu.

6.8.1. Activating the Color Management Submenu

You can access this command from the main menu through ImageColor Management.

6.8.2. The Contents of the Color Management Submenu

  • Use sRGB Profile

  • Assign Color Profile

  • Convert to Color Profile

  • Discard Color Profile

  • Save Color Profile to File

  • Soft-proof Profile

    None is the choice by default. The drop-down list offers the possibility of Select color profile from disk….

  • Soft-Proofing Rendering Intent

    Four modes are available: Perceptual, Relative colorimetric, Saturation and Absolute colorimetric. Try them all and choose what looks the best.

  • Black Point Compensation

    Try with and without black point compensation and choose what looks best.