7.6. Anchor Floating Layer or Mask

If you have created a floating selection, a temporary layer, called a floating layer or floating selection, is added to the layer stack. As long as the floating layer persists, you can only work on that layer.

To work on the rest of the image, you must anchor the floating layer to the former active layer with the Anchor Floating Layer or Mask command; or convert it to a new layer with the To New Layer command. The anchor menu command is only visible if a floating selection is present.

[Nota] Nota

Se houver uma ferramenta de seleção ativa, o ponteiro do mouse é exibido com um ícone de âncora quando está fora da seleção.

7.6.1. Ativando o comando

You can access this command

  • From the main menu through LayerAnchor Floating Layer or Mask.

  • By using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H.

  • From the Layers Dialog, you can access it through the Anchor Floating Layer or Mask command of its context menu, or by clicking on the Anchor Floating Layer or Mask icon button on the bottom of that dialog.

7.6.2. Formas alternativas de ancorar uma Seleção Flutuante

Please refer to Seção 4.5.3, “Ancorar uma seleção flutuante”