8.21. Millora del color (antic)

The Color Enhance command increases the saturation range of the colors in the layer, without altering brightness or hue. It does this by converting the colors to HSV space, measuring the range of saturation values across the image, then stretching this range to be as large as possible, and finally converting the colors back to RGB. It is similar to Stretch Contrast, except that it works in the HSV color space, so it preserves the hue.

[Nota] Nota

This command does not work on Grayscale images. If the image is Grayscale, the menu entry is disabled.

8.21.1. Activating the Command

  • Podeu accedir-hi des del menú ColorsAutomàticMillora del color (antic).

8.21.2. Exemple de «Millora del color (antic)»

Figura 16.186. Imatge original

Imatge original

La capa activa i els histogrames vermell, verd i blau abans del tractament.

Figura 16.187. Ordre aplicada

Ordre aplicada

La capa activa i els seus histogrames vermell, verd i blau després de «Millora del color (antic)». El resultat no sempre serà el que espereu.