14.18. Spiral

14.18.1. Overview

Slika 17.359. Applying example for the Spiral filter

Applying example for the Spiral filter

Filter Spiral applied

You can find this filter from the main menu through FiltersRenderPatternSpiral….

The Spiral filter allows you to make spiral patterns using two different colors. Besides choosing the colors, several other parameters are available to control the appearance of the spiral.

Results don't depend on the image you opened.

14.18.2. Options

Slika 17.360. Spiral filter options dialog

“Spiral” filter options dialog

Presets, Input Type, Clipping, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
[Bilješka] Bilješka

These options are described in Odjeljak 2, “Common Features”.


The type of spiral pattern. It can be Linear, where the spiral has the same thickness everywhere, or Logarithmic, where the spiral starts small in the middle and gets larger the closer to the edge you get.

X, Y

The starting offset of the spiral pattern.


The spiral radius controls the size of the spirals.


The area balance between the two colors.


The rotation angle of the spiral.


The spiral swirl of the rotation can be either Clockwise, or Counter-clockwise.

Color 1, Color 2

Here, you can set the two colors that make up the spiral.

On-canvas controls

If this setting is enabled, which is the default, you can control the Radius, Balance and Rotation with the controls on top of the image.