7.32. Пересечь с выделением

The Intersect Masks with Selection command converts the layer mask of the active layer into a selection. The intersection of this selection and the selection that is already active form the new selection for the image. White areas of the layer mask are selected, black areas are not selected, and gray areas are converted into feathered selections. The layer mask itself is not modified by this command.

7.32.1. Активация команды

  • You can access this command from the main menu through LayerMaskIntersect Masks with Selection.

7.32.2. Пример пересекания маски слоя с выделением

Рисунок 16.101. Пример пересекания маски слоя с выделением

Пример пересекания маски слоя с выделением

On the left, the original image with a selection. In the middle, the Layers Dialog with a layer mask created with the «Layer's alpha channel» option. On the right, the result after applying «Intersect Masks with Selection»: the selection of the non-transparent pixels of the active layer is the common part between the initial selection and the mask.