7.3. Device Status Dialog

Obrázek 15.118. The Device Status Dialog

The „Device Status“ Dialog

This window gathers together the current options of Toolbox, for each of your input devices: the mouse (named Core pointer) or either the tablet, if you have one. These options are represented by icons: foreground and background colors, brush, pattern and gradient. Excepted for colors, clicking on an icon opens the window which lets you select another option; the tool-box will be updated when changing. You can drag and drop items to this dialog.

The Save device status button at the bottom of the window performs the same action as the Save Input Device Settings Now button in the Input Devices section of the preferences.

7.3.1. Aktivace dialogu

This dialog is a dockable dialog; see the section 2.3 – „Dokování dialogů“ for help on manipulating it.

  • From the main menu: WindowsDockable DialogsDevice Status.

  • From the Tab menu in any dialog: Add a DockDevice Status