7.2. Tool Preset Editor

Obrázek 15.117. The Tool Preset Editor

The Tool Preset Editor

7.2.1. Aktivace dialogu

You can access this dialog through:

  • a click on the Edit this tool preset button in the button bar of the Tool Presets Dialog.

  • a double-click on a preset icon in the Tool Presets Dialog.

  • a right-click on a preset in the Tool Presets Dialog to open a context menu and then click on the Edit Tool Preset command.

  • a click on the Save Tool Preset… button from the Tool Options Dialog.

7.2.2. Using the Tool Preset Editor

You can edit presets you have created only; all options of predefined presets are disabled. When you save a preset, it is stored in the first writable folder configured under Tool Presets in the Folders Preferences.

In this dialog you can:

  • edit preset name in text box,

  • change preset icon by clicking on preset icon. This opens a window where you can choose a new icon.

  • select resources to be saved by clicking on check boxes.

  • At the bottom of the dialog are buttons to save the settings of the current tool preset, and a reset button if you want to undo your changes.

7.2.3. Tool Preset Editor Context Menu

The Tool Preset Editor has a context menu, that can be reached from the little triangle dock menu, then choosing Tool Preset Editor Menu. Besides two items that do the same as the save and restore buttons mentioned above, it only has one other option.

Edit Active Tool Preset

When enabled, the tool preset editor will automatically load the currently active tool preset. If it is disabled, the tool preset editor will not change when the active tool preset changes.