9.6. Razprostri

9.6.1. Pregled

Slika 17.184. Razprostri


Original image


Filter Dilate applied

This filter widens and enhances bright areas of the active layer or selection.

For every image pixel, it brings the pixel Value (luminosity) into line with the upper value (the brightest) of the 8 neighboring pixels (3×3 matrix). So, a bright pixel is added around bright areas. An isolated pixel on a brighter background will be deleted. A larger bright area will dilate by one pixel in all directions.

On complex images, bright areas are widened and enhanced the same, and somewhat pixelated.

On a solid background, this filter can delete noise:

Slika 17.185. Dilate example

“Dilate” example

9.6.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the main menu under FiltersGenericDilate.

9.6.3. Primeri

Slika 17.186. Dilate neon effect

Dilate neon effect