12.9. Stain

12.9.1. Yleiskatsaus

Kuva 17.267. Example for the Stain filter

Example for the ”Stain” filter

Alkuperäinen kuva

Example for the ”Stain” filter

Stain applied with the gradient Cold Steel 2

This filter adds stains to the image.

Every stain is created in a layer of its own. The stain layers are randomly moved to let the stains spread out (at the end you may see the boundary of the moved top layer). So after applying the filter you can easily edit (e.g., move, scale, remove) the stains, or create additional stains using the filter again.

12.9.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the main menu under FiltersDecorStain….

12.9.3. Asetukset

Kuva 17.268. Stain options

”Stain” options

Number of stains to add

The number of stains (1-10).

Ainoastaan tummenna

Koska jokainen tahra luodaan omaan kerrokseensa, kaikki kerrokset täytyy yhdistää, jotta kuvan ulkonäkö säilyy. Jos tämä asetus on valittuna, merkityksellinen Kerrosmoodi on asetettu Ainoastaan tummenna. Muutoin se on asetettu Normaaliksi.

The layer mode determines how the pixels of the layers are combined. If Darken only is unchecked we use Normal mode, and every stain covers the pixels of the layers below. If Darken only is checked, stains cover the corresponding pixels of the layers below them only if these pixels are lighter.

Gradient to color stains

The gradient that is used for created stains.