4.2. Align and Distribute

The Align and Distribute tool is useful to align the image layers with various image objects. When this tool is selected, the mouse pointer turns to a small hand. By clicking on an element of a layer in the image, you choose the layer which will be moved (with Shift + click, you can choose several layers to be aligned); this focused layer has small squares in corners and is called source. Then buttons in the dialog become active (they remain active during all the GIMP session): they allow you to select the target, i.e other layer, selection, path, the source will be aligned with.

4.2.1. Ativando a ferramenta

There are different possibilities to activate the tool:

  • From the main menu: ToolsTransform ToolsAlign and Distribute.

  • By clicking the tool icon in the Toolbox.

  • By pressing the Q keyboard shortcut.

4.2.2. Teclas modificadoras (Padrões)


Você pode selecionar várias camadas segurando a tecla Shift pressionada enquanto clica nas camadas.

[Dica] Dica

Algumas vezes é mais fácil escolher múltiplas camadas usando o elástico: clique e arraste para desenhar um retângulo englobando as camadas que você deseja escolher. Todas as camadas que estavam completamente dentro do retângulo estão selecionadas.

Note que fazendo assim não existe nenhum alvo do tipoPrimeiro item aos quais as demais camadas possam ser alinhadas.

4.2.3. Opções de ferramenta

Figura 14.95. Tool Options for the Align and Distribute tool

Tool Options for the Align and Distribute tool

Normally, tool options are displayed in a window attached under the Toolbox as soon as you activate a tool. If they are not, you can access them from the main menu through WindowsDockable WindowsTool Options which opens the option window of the selected tool.

Relativo a:

In this drop down list, you select the target, the image object the layer will be aligned with.

  • Primeiro item: O primeiro item selecionado quando se seleciona múltiplas camadas usando a tecla Shift. Perceba que não há um Primeiro item quando você seleciona múltiplas camadas usando o elástico.

  • Image: the image is the target.

  • Selection: the selection is the target.

  • Active layer: the active layer, in the layer dialog, is the target.

  • Active Channel: the active channel, containing a selection you made before, is the target.

  • Active Path: the active path is the target.

Align buttons

These buttons become active when a target is selected.

  • Align left edge of target: to align left edge of source with left edge of target.

  • Align center of target: to align center of source on the vertical middle line of target.

  • Align right edge of target: to align right edge of source with right edge of target.

  • Align top edge of target: to align top edge of source with top edge of target.

  • Align middle of target: to align center of source on the horizontal middle line of target.

  • Align bottom edge of target: to align bottom edge of source with bottom edge of target.


An image with a selection, layer #1 (background) is active, layer #2 is cropped to content, layer #3 is a text layer.

We click on the yellow circle: layer #2 becomes the source. We want to send this source to the middle of the selection: the Relative to option is set to Selection.

Align center of target clicked

Align middle of target clicked

Distribute buttons

These options are used when you have several targets and want to arrange them. Here, layers selected with Shift + Click are called targets. But they are actually sources. Relative to options are active to set the target. These transformations are usually relative to Image.

These options work as Align options, but you can distribute sources evenly.

  • Distribute targets evenly in the horizontal: to distribute sources evenly horizontally.

  • Distribute horizontal centers of targets: to distribute centers of sources with center of the target horizontally.

  • Distribute targets evenly in the vertical: to distribute sources evenly vertically.

  • Distribute vertical centers of targets: to distribute centers of sources with center of target.

Figura 14.96. Example for the Distribute commands

Example for the “Distribute” commands

Base image: three layers. Example for the “Distribute” commands (Distribute right edges of targets) will be used.

Example for the “Distribute” commands
Active layer is yellow (target). All layers are aligned on the right edge of the yellow layer.

4.2.4. A practical example for Distribute

Figura 14.97. Origin

Four text layers, with same size. We want to align them at center of image.



We select them as sources with Shift + Click.


The default target (Relative to) is Image. We used the Origin (Distribute vertical centers of targets) command.


After using the Origin (Distribute targets evenly in the horizontal).

4.2.5. Align using the rubber-band box

Figura 14.98. Alinhar usando a seleção de camadas por retângulo

Alinhar usando a seleção de camadas por retângulo

Nós clicamos à esquerda e acima da camada vermelha, e arrastamos o mouse de forma que as camadas vermelha e amarela estivessem dentro do retângulo de seleção.

Alinhar usando a seleção de camadas por retângulo

Selection is the reference. After a click on the Alinhar usando a seleção de camadas por retângulo button, both layers align with the left side of the selection.