6.4. Color Management

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For color profile related actions of an image file, see Раздел 6.8, « Управление цветом ».

For color display related view settings, see Раздел 5.12, «Управление цветом».

Рисунок 15.86. Настройки управления цветом

Настройки управления цветом

6.4.1. Параметры

This page lets you customize GIMP color management.

Some of the options let you choose a color profile from a menu. If the desired profile is not present in the menu yet, you can add it by clicking on Select color profile from disk….

[Подсказка] Подсказка

Files containing color profiles are easily recognizable by their .icc suffix. In addition to that they are usually stored together in only a few places. If you are running GIMP on Mac OS X, you should try /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/ and Library/Printers/[manufacturer]/Profiles.

Режим показа изображений

Using this option, you can decide how GIMP color management operates. There are three modes you can choose from:

  • No color management: choosing this shuts down color management in GIMP completely.

  • Color managed display: this enables GIMP color management and provides a fully corrected display of the images according to the given color profile for the display.

  • Soft-proofing: when choosing this option, you enable GIMP color management not only to apply the profile for the display, but also for the selected printer simulation profile. Doing so, you can preview the color results of a print with that printer.

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    Please note, that GIMP color management is used to enhance the display of images and the embedding of profiles to image files only. More specifically, the options you choose in this dialog are not used for printing from within GIMP. This is because printing is a special task done by a printing engine that is not part of GIMP.

Цветоуправляемый экран

Monitor profile

  • None: GIMP uses the colorimetric profile of your monitor.

  • Select color profile from disk: choose a profile that you have available on your computer.

Try to use the system monitor profile

  • When enabled, GIMP will try to use the display color profile supplied by the system. The configured monitor profile is then only used as a fallback.

Схема цветопередачи

  • Этот параметр влияет на то, каким образом цвета преобразуются из цветового пространства изображения для показа на мониторе. Доступно четыре режима: «Воспринимаемый», «Относительный колориметрический», «Насыщенность» и «Абсолютный колориметрический».

    Relative colorimetric is usually the best choice (default). Unless you use a LUT monitor profile (most monitor profiles are matrix), choosing perceptual intent actually gives you relative colorimetric. See also Цветопередача .

Использовать компенсацию точки чёрного

  • Этот параметр по умолчанию отмечен. Всегда используйте компенсацию точки чёрного, кроме тех случаев, когда у вас будут веские причины этого не делать.

Optimize image display for:

  • Two options: Speed and Precision / Color Fidelity. «Speed» is activated by default. If not, image display might be better at the cost of speed.


Soft-proofing is a mechanism that allows you to see on your screen what printing on paper will look like. More in general, it is soft-proofing from the color space of your image to another color space (printer or other output device).

При передаче цветопробы предпочитать:

Two options: Speed and Precision / Color Fidelity. «Speed» is activated by default. If not, soft-proofing might be better at the cost of speed.

Помечать цвета вне цветового охвата

When this box is checked, the soft-proofing will mark colors that can not be represented in the target color space. On the right there is a color button that you can click to open a color selector to choose the color you want to be used for marking out of gamut colors.

Предпочитаемые профили

RGB profile

Default is «None», which causes the built-in RGB profile to be used. You can select another RGB working space color profile from disk: it will be offered next to the built-in profile when a color profile can be chosen.

Grayscale profile

Default is «None», which causes the built-in Grayscale profile to be used. You can select another Grayscale working space color profile from disk: it will be offered next to the built-in profile when a Grayscale profile can be chosen.

CMYK profile

Значение по умолчанию — «Нет». Есть возможность выбрать рабочий профиль CMYK с диска, для преобразования RGB в CMYK.


Поведение при открытии файла

Default is «Ask what to do». You can also select «Keep embedded profile» or «Convert to built-in sRGB or grayscale profile» to indicate how to treat embedded color profiles when opening an image file.

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За дополнительной информацией:

  • Профили ICC описаны на Википедии [WKPD-ICC].

  • See OpenICC project ([OPENICC]) where GIMP and other great names of free infography contribute to.

Some online available color profiles:

  • Пространство ICC sRGB: ICCsRGB[ICCsRGB]

  • Adobe RGB98 Workspace: Adobe RGB (1998)[AdobeRGB]

  • Профили ECI (Европейская цветовая инициатива, European Color Initiative): ECI[ECI]

Filter Dialogs

Show advanced color options: advanced color options in filter dialogs are not visible when this option is not checked.