6.23. Input Controllers

Figur 15.110. Input controllers preferences

Input controllers preferences

This dialog has two lists of additional input controllers: Available Controllers on the left, Active Controllers on the right. It is used to enable or disable an input device and configure it.

A click on an item will highlight it and you can move the controller from one list to the other by clicking on the respective arrow key. When you try to move a controller from the list of active controllers to the available controllers, a dialog pops up and you will have the choice of removing the controller or just disabling it.

When you double click on a (typically active) controller or alternatively click on the Edit button at the bottom of the list, you can configure this controller in a dialog window:

Main Mouse Wheel

Figur 15.111. Main Mouse Wheel

Main Mouse Wheel

Dump events from this controller

This option must be checked if you want a print on the stdout of the events generated by the enabled controllers. If you want to see those event you should start GIMP from a terminal or making it to print the stdout to file by the shell redirection. The main use of this option is for debug.

Enable this controller

This option must be checked if you want to add a new action to the mouse wheel.

Mouse Wheel Events

In this window with scroll bars you have: on the left, the possible events concerning the mouse wheel, more or less associated with control keys; on the right, the action assigned to the event when it will happen. You have also two buttons, one to Edit the selected event, the other to Cancel the action of the selected event.

Some actions are assigned to events yet. They seem to be examples, as they are not functional.

Select the action allocated to the event

After selecting an event, if you click on the Edit button, you open the following dialog:

Figur 15.112. Select Controller Event Action

Select Controller Event Action

If an action exists yet for this event, the window will open on this action. Else, the window will display the sections that order actions. Click on an action to select it.

Main Keyboard

You can use this dialog in the same way as that of the mouse wheel. Events are related to the arrow keys of the keyboard, combined or not with control keys.

Figur 15.113. Main Keyboard

Main Keyboard

[Notera] Notera

You will find an example of these notions in Creating a variable size brush.