Kapittel 2. Fire up GIMP


1. Starthjelp
1.1. Kjende plattformer
1.2. Språk
1.3. Argument i kommandolinja
2. Configuration Folders
2.1. Tips and Tricks

1. Starthjelp

Usually you start GIMP either by clicking an icon (if your system is set up to provide you with one), or by typing gimp on a command line. If you have multiple versions of GIMP installed, you may need to type gimp-2.10 to get the newest version. You can, if you want, provide a list of image file names on the command line after the program name so that GIMP automatically opens those files after it starts. It is also possible, though, to open files from within GIMP once it is running.

Most operating systems support file associations, which associates a class of files (as determined by their filename extension, such as .jpg) with a corresponding application (such as GIMP). When image files are properly «associated» to GIMP, you can double click an image to open it in GIMP.

If you installed the Flatpak version of GIMP from flathub.org, you start GIMP either by clicking an icon, or by typing flatpak run org.gimp.GIMP//stable on a command line.

1.1. Kjende plattformer

GIMP is the most widely supported image manipulation program available today. The platforms on which GIMP is known to work include:

GNU/Linux™, Apple macOS™, Microsoft Windows™, OpenBSD™, NetBSD™, FreeBSD™, Solaris™, SunOS™, AIX™, HP-UX™, Tru64™, Digital UNIX™, OSF/1™, IRIX™, OS/2™, and BeOS™.

GIMP is easily ported to other operating systems because of its source code availability. For further information visit the GIMP developers homepage. [GIMP-DEV].

1.2. Språk

GIMP automatically detects and uses the system language. In the unlikely event that language detection fails, or if you want to use a different language, you can change the language used in: EditPreferences, then go to the Interface section; Language can be set at the top.

Du kan også

Under Linux

In LINUX: in console mode, type LANGUAGE=en gimp or LANG=en gimp replacing en with fr, de, etc. according to the language you want. Background: Using LANGUAGE=en sets an environment variable for the executed program gimp.

Under Windows

Control PanelSystemAdvancedEnvironment button in «System Variables» area: Add button: Enter LANG for Name and fr, de, etc. for Value. Watch out! You have to click OK three successive times to validate your choice.

If you change languages often, you can create a batch file to change the language. Open NotePad. Type the following commands (for French for instance):

set lang=fr
start gimp-2.10.exe

Save this file as GIMP-FR.BAT (or another name, but always with a .BAT extension). Create a shortcut and drag it to your desktop.

Ein annan måte dersom dette programmet er installert: Vel StartAlle programmerGTK Runtime Environment og deretter Select language og vel språk frå nedtrekkslista.

Under Apple macOS

From System Settings, click General in the sidebar. Then select Language & Region. The desired language should be the first in the list.

Start ei ny økt av GIMP

Use -n to run multiple instances of GIMP. For example, use gimp-2.10 to start GIMP in the default system language, and LANGUAGE=en gimp-2.10 -n to start another instance of GIMP in English; this is very useful for translators.

1.3. Argument i kommandolinja

Although arguments are not required when starting GIMP, the most common arguments are shown below. On a Unix system, you can use man gimp for a complete list.

Command line arguments must be in the command line that you use to start GIMP as gimp-2.10 [OPTION...] [FILE|URI...].

-?, ,-h, --help

Vis ei liste over alle kommandoane


Vis alle hjelpevala


Show all GEGL options.


Vis alternativ for GTK+

-v, --version

Skriv kva for versjon av GIMP som er i bruk, og slutt av programmet.


Vis lisensinformasjon og slutt av


Vis detaljerte oppstartmeldingar.

-n, --new-instance

Start ei ny økt av GIMP.

-a, --as-new

Opna bilete som nytt

-i, --no-interface

Køyr utan brukargrensesnitt.

-d, --no-data

Ikkje last inn mønsterelement, fargeovergangar, palettar eller penslar. Kan vere nyttig i ikkje-interaktive situasjonar der oppstarttida skal vere kortast råd.

-f, --no-fonts

Ikkje last inn skrifttypar. Dette kan korte ned oppstarttida for GIMP når skripta ikkje bruker skrifttypar. Kan også vere nyttig for å finne skrifttypar med feil som gjer at GIMP stoppar opp.

-s, --no-splash

Ikkje vis oppstartskjermen.


Do not use shared memory between GIMP and plug-ins.


Ikkje bruk funksjonar for å auke farten på CPU. Kan vere nyttig for å finne eventuelle feil i slik programvare eller utstyr.


Bruk eit anna sessionrc for denne GIMP-økta. Det gjevne «session name» vert lagt til det normale «sessionrc filename».

-g, --gimprc=filename

Use an alternative gimprc instead of the default one. The gimprc file contains a record of your preferences. Useful in cases where plug-ins paths or machine specs may be different.


Bruk ei alternativ system-gimprc-fil.

-b, --batch=kommandoar

Execute the set of commands non-interactively. The set of commands is typically in the form of a script that can be executed by one of the GIMP scripting interpreters. When the command is -, commands are read from standard input.


Prosedyren som vert brukt for å køyre mengdetolkarane (batch kommandoane). Denne er normalt sett til Script-Fu.


Quit immediately after performing requested actions

-c, --console-messages

Do not display dialog boxes on errors or warnings. Print the messages on the console instead.


PDB kompatibilitetsmodus (off|on|warn)


Feilfinning i tilfelle krasj (never|query|always)


Aktiver signalhandterarar for ikkje-fatale feil. Blir brukt for å finne feil i GIMP.


Make all warnings fatal. Useful for debugging.


Vis ei gimprc-fil med normalinnstillingane. Kan kome til nytte dersom du rotar til gimprc-fila.


Show a preferences page with experimental features.


Bruk X visning (gjeld ikkje på Microsoft Windows).