4.7. Forskyvingsverktøyet

Shear tool is used to shift one part of an image, a layer, a selection or a path to a direction and the other part to the opposite direction. For instance, a horizontal shearing will shift the upper part to the right and the lower part to the left. A rectangle becomes a diamond. This is not a rotation: the image is distorted. To use this tool after selecting, click on the image or the selection: a grid is possibly superimposed and the Shearing Information dialog is opened. By dragging the mouse pointer on the image you distort the image, horizontally or vertically according to the direction given to the pointer. When you are satisfied, click on the Shear button in the info dialog to validate.

Figur 14.107. Eksempel på forskyving

Eksempel på forskyving

[Notat] Notat

Du kan ikkje forskyve begge vegane samstundes, men må bruke verktøyet to gonger.

4.7.1. Aktivering

Du kan aktivera verktøyet på fleire måtar:

  • From the main menu: ToolsTransform ToolsShear.

  • By clicking the tool icon in the Toolbox.

  • By pressing the Shift+H keyboard shortcut.

4.7.2. Innstillingar

Figur 14.108. Verktøyinnstillingane


Normally, tool options are displayed in a window attached under the Toolbox as soon as you activate a tool. If they are not, you can access them from the main menu through WindowsDockable WindowsTool Options which opens the option window of the selected tool.

Transform; Interpolation; Direction; Clipping; Show image preview; Guides

4.7.3. The Shear adjustment dialog

Figur 14.109. The Shear adjustment dialog

The Shear adjustment dialog

Forskyv X

Her bestemmer du kor mykje biletet skal forskyvast vassrett. Ein positiv verdi vil forskyve mot høgre (medsols), ein negativ verdi mot venstre (motsols).

Forskyv Y

Her bestemmer du kor mykje biletet skal forskyvast loddrett. Ein positiv verdi vil forskyve nedover (medsols), ein negativ verdi oppover (motsols).